Ceramics classes in Helsinki

Great to have you here at Studio M website where you can explore my work and browse through my ceramics classes in Helsinki. 

I first started with ceramics when I was still in high school. My parents didn't think a creative path would lead to anything serious in life, so instead of arts I ended up studying serious things and working at serious jobs. 

Over the years I have lived in several countries and studied and practised ceramics in Europe, Middle-East and USA, where I had the pleasure of staying at ceramics heaven at Harvard Ceramics Program 2017-2020.  Despite the multicultural influence on my esthetic eye my Nordic roots have always been clearly shining through in my work. 

Over time porcelain clay has gained a solid place as my favourite material to work with, but I do admit having regular affairs with other clay types too. What I enjoy most about teaching ceramics is witnessing the class participants' moments of discovery and joy with this wonderfully tactile and soothing material. 

Wishing you fantastic clay moments!

- Mia

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